What salad and sandwich did not get better accompanied by mayonnaise? 

DAVA Foods offers organic mayonnaise without flavour and preservatives. A delicious and tasty mayonnaise produced from the finest quality ingredients; organic rapeseed oil and egg yolks from eggs laid by organic hens.

Our aim has been to create a high-quality mayonnaise which is just like the variety that you might make at home. Among other things, this requires fresh egg yolks and lots of care and attention throughout the production process. The result is a mayonnaise with a smooth, creamy texture. 
Whatever you need mayonnaise for, you can rest assured it is safe. Our mayonnaise has have undergone the strictest safety measures during production, because at DAVA Foods high quality and food safety are key in our business. 
If you want to know more about the mayonnaise from DAVA Foods and/or have questions about it, you are welcome to contact your local sales office
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860303 - DAVA Organic Mayonnaise 3 kg

DAVA Organic Mayonnaise 3 kg

Item no. 860303