Quality Education 

Official UN goal: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

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DAVA Foods co-sponsors Victory Nursery School in Moshi, Tanzania, with the foundation FeEdAC; Feed and Educate African Children. Moshi is an area characterized by poverty, alcoholism and unemployment, but Victory Nursery School itself serves as a role model school in the area and is recognized by the local authorities.
The project was chosen due to Håkan Persson, CEO of DAVA Foods Sweden, because he founded FeEdAC. This ensures a personal commitment in the project from DAVA Foods and direct contact with the school. All money go directly to the school without administration costs or middle men.
The school has a 50/50 sex ratio. We put a lot of effort in not discriminating against gender. We focus on empowering girls with education so less of the girls risk child marriage, genital mutilation and get strengthened civil rights. Educated girls also get less children which have an immense impact on the environment. Hardly put, more children mean more consumers. More consumers mean more consumption. Higher consumption means more carbon emissions.


  • We contribute to that all children in the nursery school are prepared to go on to primary school. This is done through education by trained teachers in combination with playing and room for interaction between the children. An important component is also that the children are offered a well composed meal that includes eggs.


  • Support Victory Nursery School with 100 children 3-6 years old. Ensure that the children are prepared to move on to primary school.
  • Provide one well composed meal per day including egg to all 100 children in the school.
Box 1/3 - photo opening school in Tanzania

The school opened in September 2014. In the photo is Håkan Persson and Victoria, who manage the school on daily basis.

Box 2/3 - Safety and daily meal photo

The school offers the children routine, safety, preparation to primary school and a daily meal.

Box 3/3 - Daily meal including eggs

Every day the children are served a well composed meal including eggs!