Ready-made egg products

It has never been easier to serve an omelet or, for that matter, a pancake. 

Ready-made egg products from Ovofit are made of fresh eggs, has a true and authentic taste of eggs and is high level convenience.

DAVA Foods is supplier of Ovofit convenience and ready-made egg products. The ready-made egg products are easy and delicious to apply to any larger kitchen, as the products are ready-made and frozen on arrival. You just have to thaw and heat them - then you, for an example, have a Gourmet Omelet ready for serving!

If you want to know more about the selection of ready-made products and/or have questions about them, you are welcome to contact your local sales office

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9701000- DAVA Chocolate Pancake

DAVA Chocolate Pancake 

Item no. 970100


9701002 - DAVA Gourmet Omelet 90 g

DAVA Gourmet Omelet 90 g
Made with barn eggs

Item no. 9701002


9701008 - DAVA Patty Neutral 10

DAVA Patty Neutral 10 cm
Made with barn eggs

Item no. 9701008


9701010 - DAVA Patty with chive 10 cm

DAVA Patty with Chive 10 cm
Made with barn eggs

Item no. 9701010


9701014 - DAVA Gourmet Omelet 90 g

DAVA Gourmet Omelet 
Made with free range eggs

Item no. 9701014